Bus Stations in Europe

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Major Bus Stations in Europe

Across Europe, bus stations provide a large number of connections and services for low cost travel that connects many of the continent's most exciting cities and regions. Bus travel in Europe utilizes the immense road network across the whole continent to offer routes and journey options that are sometimes faster or cheaper than flying or taking a train. From overnight coaches, to luxury first class services - there is a wide variety of options. Major bus stations across Europe usually are located in the capital cities or other large and important urban areas. Main bus stations are usually found in central parts of cities or towns, and often will boast connection to other transport services such as trains, airport connections, and public transport. Stations will also vary in terms of facilities, with some offering shops and restaurants similar to large train stations, and others being more simple with just bus stands and a ticket office. In Europe, some of the most popular and largest bus stations include London Victoria Coach Station, Paris Gallieni International Bus Station, Berlin Central Coach Station, Madrid South Station, Rome Tiburtina Tibus Bus Station, and Warsaw Bus Station.

London Victoria Coach Station

There are so many bus and coach services arriving and departing through London's Victoria each day, that there are separate coach and bus stations in order to relieve congestion. For this reason, it is always important to note if you're catching a journey from London Victoria whether it leaves from the Coach or Bus Station ahead of travel. The Victoria Coach Station is located only 300 metres away from the London Victoria Railway Station, and signs within the station make it easy to find. London Victoria is the busiest and largest coach station in the UK with nearly 200,000 departures each year. Coach companies serving here include National Express, Eurolines, Megabus, iDBUS and Oxford Tube or X90 bus.

A large number of the services from here will journey to destinations all over the UK, but there are also large choice of coaches available to mainland Europe such as buses from London to Paris. There are not too many facilities within the coach station itself, however travellers are still able to purchase tickets here. At the nearby train station, visitors will find a large choice of shopping, restaurants & cafés, public WiFi access,Transport For London inquiries, cash points and more. Getting to the coach station is easy as Victoria Station has stops available on the Victoria, District and Circle lines of the London Underground as well as a large number of buses and night buses.

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Paris Gallieni International Bus Station

First opened in 1993, the Paris Gallieni Bus Station is a two level station offering a large number of domestic and international bus connections. The first level of the station is geared for welcoming travellers and includes toilets, a waiting room, snacks and tickets from a large number of different bus companies. The second level of the station is the bus terminal, where all of the buses will arrive and depart from. The major provider operating services from here is Eurolines, offering a large number of connections to major European and French cities. Within France, buses are available to Nantes, Bayonne, Poitiers, Grenoble, Marseilles, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lyon and Aix-en-Provence. The main international destinations from Paris Gallieni are Berlin, Florence, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Rome, Geneva, Madrid, Brussels and Venice.

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Berlin Central Coach Station

In Germany, the capital of Berlin serves as an excellent connection point for travellers simply because of the many coach connections coming and leaving here daily. Berlin plays an important role for coaches not only within Germany but to other international cities and capitals. For long distance coaches, the Berlin Central Coach Station can be found in the west of the city at the radio tower. The station offers a total of 35 bus stands, which are used by various different bus providers in Europe bus providers in Europe. With lots of options that are very affordable, the popularity of bus and coach travel in Germany has grown rapidly, and an expansion of the Berlin Central Coach Station is likely in the future. The coach station is also conveniently located near to the Autobahn motorway, meaning it saves time on arriving and departing within the city.

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Madrid South Station

Madrid South Station (Estación de Madrid Sur), also known as Mendez Alvaro Bus Station is the main coach station for the capital as well as the country. Because of this, there are a large number of domestic connections that connect Madrid and the rest of Spain each day. With such a large number of passengers passing through the station annually, Madrid South Station offers a wide range of facilities and services including a commercial shopping area, a large underground car park and a number of car hire companies. The station is well connected to local transport by underground, city and intercity buses, and of course trains as it is integrated with the Mendez Alvaro train station. Major providers found here that will offer destinations by bus throughout Spain include Alsa, Avanza or Daibus. For international bus connections with countries like France, Germany or the UK, travellers will also find a large number of services by Eurolines.

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Rome Tiburtina - Tibus Bus Station

The main bus station in Italy's capital is the Tibus Bus Station, which is located about 200 meters in the square in front of major train station Roma Tiburtina. The train station is a major transportation hub in the city, with it and the bus station easily accessible by a large number of urban tram lines and Metro line B. At the Tibus Bus station, 52 bus companies operate a great choice of national and international connections. It is truly one of the busiest bus stations, as Tibus sees about 2.8 million passengers served in Rome each year.

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