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Buses to Amsterdam

Buses to Amsterdam from the UK are provided by three different companies, National Express, Megabus and Eurolines. Amsterdam has three bus stations. The Eurolines International Coach Station, receives passengers from destinations all over Europe and is situated around 15 minutes away from the city centre by tram. The second is Amsterdam Central Station, located in the heart of town, it is a hub for the city's public transportation system, the GVB. The third terminus in Amsterdam is Amstel, a bus and railway station which offers city services and routes to regional areas around the capital. From here travellers can take trains, metros, trams or buses into the city centre, the journey lasts around 15 minutes by road or 10 minutes by rail.



Local Time 14:42
Population 741,600
Region Noord-Holland
Languages Dutch

How expensive is Amsterdam?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Amsterdam costs 10.7% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Amsterdam are on average 6% higher than in the other cities in the Netherlands.

Public Transport

Public transport in Amsterdam costs around 7.7% more than the national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Amsterdam is about 47.1% more expensive on average than in the rest of the Netherlands.


Amsterdam is a city of contrasts. It's rich in history but there's also a lively party scene, with revellers congregating at the famous red light district and then spilling out of the bars into the street, creating a fun, carnival-like atmosphere. A quieter pace of life can be found exploring the city's diverse neighborhoods on foot, taking in the beauty of its distinctive tall gabled houses, or viewing them from below on a canal cruise tour. Shoppers can head over to The Nine Streets for unusual items of jewellery, rare vintage buys and the best in boutique chic. Amsterdam has a museum for every interest, some with quirky subjects like cats, fluorescent art or handbags, and others with a more somber atmosphere like The Anne Frank House at Prinsengracht 263. The city's rich artistic heritage is probably best understood with a visit to the Rijksmuseum. Paintings from the Dutch Masters sit alongside maritime memorabilia and YSL couture, retelling the past 800 years with an engaging charm.

Buses to Amsterdam

via Dublin, Busáras Amsterdam
duration: 24:25 hrs
first: 20:00
last: 20:00
earliest: 21:25
last: 21:25
  • Dublin, Busáras
  • Amsterdam


18/09/2015 20:00 - 21:25 74.02 €
via Marseille, Gare St. Charles Amsterdam
duration: 23:15 hrs
first: 15:15
last: 15:15
earliest: 14:30
last: 14:30
  • Marseille, Gare St. Charles
  • Amsterdam


13/10/2015 15:15 - 14:30 89.00 €
via München, ZOB Amsterdam
duration: 13:40 hrs
first: 17:15
last: 06:00
earliest: 07:00
last: 19:40
  • München, ZOB
  • Amsterdam


23/12/2015 17:15 - 07:00 51.00 €
24/01/2016 06:00 - 19:40 9.00 €
31/01/2016 06:00 - 19:40 9.00 €