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As a major capital city it's easy to get buses to Brussels from a number of Europeans cities as well as Belgian cities and surrounding towns, suburbs and villages. International coach travel is provided by Eurolines and Megabus services while regional buses are provided by De Lijn for buses from Wallonia and TEC for buses from Flanders. City based buses are serviced by STIB. Eurolines coaches from Paris, London, Amsterdam and other major cities arrive at either Brussels North or Brussels South Station. Megabus services stop close to Brussels North Station. Brussels North is located 2 km to the north of the centre and Brussels south is 2 km to the south. Both stations are connected to the city's metro system and to Brussels Central Station.



Local Time 12:43
Population 1,000,000
Region Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest
Languages Dutch

How expensive is Brussels?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Brussels costs 2% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Brussels are on average 4.2% higher than in the other cities in Belgium.

Public Transport

Public transport in Brussels costs around 0% more than the national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Brussels is about 8.9% less expensive on average than in the rest of Belgium.


As the capital of Belgium and the European Union, squeezed between France and Germany, Brussels bridges the gap between the Latin and Germanic cultures of Western Europe. The best of the city itself lies at its very heart, at the historic Grand Place, home to the 15th century City Hall and many elegant Baroque buildings. The architectural style that Brussels is famous for is Art Nouvaeu and many of its buildings are the world's best examples of the late 19th century style. The city was home to Victor Horta, the first architect to apply the artistic style to buildings; you can discover more about him and his work at the Horta Museum. Visitors should also take a trip to the modern Atomium structure, which despite being over 50 years old, still stands as testament to the city's continual ability to look towards the future.

Buses to Brussels

via Dublin, Busáras Bruxelles
duration: 20:30 hrs
first: 20:00
last: 20:00
earliest: 17:30
last: 17:30
  • Dublin, Busáras
  • Bruxelles


22/11/2015 20:00 - 17:30 67.59 €
via Venezia, Tronchetto Bruxelles, Gare du Nord
duration: 21:00 hrs
first: 15:30
last: 15:30
earliest: 12:30
last: 12:30
  • Venezia, Tronchetto
  • Bruxelles, Gare du Nord


21/09/2015 15:30 - 12:30 86.00 €
via Luxembourg, Rue Mercier Bruxelles, Gare du Nord
duration: 03:00 hrs
first: 18:40
last: 18:40
earliest: 21:40
last: 21:40
  • Luxembourg, Rue Mercier
  • Bruxelles, Gare du Nord


11/11/2015 18:40 - 21:40 25.32 €
15/11/2015 18:40 - 21:40 25.32 €
15/11/2015 18:40 - 21:40 25.48 €
18/11/2015 18:40 - 21:40 11.25 €