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Buses to Rome

The Italian capital is also a bus transport hub, and is connected to plenty of Italian and European destinations. For those travelling from the UK, Eurolines and National Express provide buses to Rome. You can catch a National Express bus in London or Birmingham, changing onto Eurolines in Paris, with a journey time of around 20 hours. Baltour provides buses from Paris to Rome, along with other French cities like Lyon or Marseille. Flixbus is the only firm operating on the Munich to Rome route, and provide a daily departure for German visitors. Most buses to Rome terminate at the Tiburtina Bus Station. From there, getting into town is easy, as Tiburtina is connected to Roma Termini via the overground train network and also has a Metro stop. It takes approximately 10 minutes to reach Rome's city centre.



Local Time 04:29
Population 2,500,000
Region Lazio
Languages Italian

How expensive is Rome?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Rome costs 5.5% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Rome are on average 0.5% higher than in the other cities in Italy.

Public Transport

Public transport in Rome costs around 0% more than national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Rome is about 3.5% less expensive on average than in the rest of Italy.

Arriving in Rome

Rome has entranced visitors for centuries and has an almost limitless number of attractions for visitors to experience. Anyone taking buses to Rome can tour the fascinating Vatican City - home to the Papacy and a vast array of beautiful works of art, including Michelangelo's sublime Sistine Chapel. Take a guided tour of Rome and benefit from expert information as you wander around the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Rome is also a city of art. The Villa Borghese possesses a stunning collection of masterpieces by world famous painters such as Titian. There are plenty of architectural treasures in Rome, including the city's churches. Rome is a romantic city to wander, with fine food, great nightlife and beautiful sights on every street.

Buses to Rome

via Marseille, Gare St. Charles Roma
duration: 12:00 hrs
first: 23:30
last: 23:30
earliest: 11:30
last: 11:30
  • Marseille, Gare St. Charles
  • Roma


13/10/2015 23:30 - 11:30 89.00 €
via Edinburgh, Elder Street Roma, Autostazione Tiburtina
duration: 42:30 hrs
first: 21:45
last: 22:00
earliest: 17:30
last: 17:30
  • Edinburgh, Elder Street
  • Roma, Autostazione Tiburtina


12/05/2016 21:45 - 17:30 119.70 €
13/05/2016 21:45 - 17:30 119.70 €
14/05/2016 21:45 - 17:30 119.70 €
22/05/2016 21:45 - 17:30 119.70 €
24/05/2016 21:45 - 17:30 119.70 €
26/05/2016 22:00 - 17:30 119.70 €
27/05/2016 22:00 - 17:30 119.70 €
via Berlin, ZOB Roma
duration: 21:15 hrs
first: 21:30
last: 21:30
earliest: 18:45
last: 18:45
  • Berlin, ZOB
  • Roma


11/05/2016 21:30 - 18:45 34.00 €
16/05/2016 21:30 - 18:45 34.00 €