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There are a number of companies which provide buses to Rotterdam, including Eurolines, Megabus, National Express and FlixBus. Buses local to Rotterdam, known for their efficiency and their distinctive green and white coloring, are also readily available. Visitors intent on exploring the towns which surround Rotterdam, (Ridderkerk and Schiedam, to name but a few) would do well to take a bus either from Rotterdam Central Station or from either of the city's main shopping precincts (Zuidpein or Alexandrium). Rotterdam's Central Station is a 20 minute bus ride away from the Hague Airport and 15-20 minutes away from Rotterdam's main historical and commercial attractions.



Local Time 00:59
Population 598,100
Region Zuid-Holland
Languages Dutch

How expensive is Rotterdam?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Rotterdam costs 1.4% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Rotterdam are on average 1% lower than in the other cities in the Netherlands.

Public Transport

Public transport in Rotterdam costs around 15.4% more than national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Rotterdam is about 8.8% less expensive on average than in the rest of the Netherlands.


Buses to Rotterdam are convenient in that they allow the individual to explore a city of great variety and contrast. Rotterdam Zoo, founded in the mid-19th century and a mere 20 minute walk from Central Station, is home to a number of exotic and interesting animals as well as the famous Oceanium, which allows visitors to explore the hidden depths of the earth's seas. Individuals with a passion for nature would no doubt enjoy a visit to the Arboretum Trompenburg, a collection of finely manicured gardens in the heart of the city. As well as catering to a wealth of natural interests, Rotterdam is also home to a great deal of history. Buildings of interest include a collection of medieval churches which include the Grote of Sint Laurenskerk and the Pilgrimfathers'. The early 20th century Paradijskerk is also worth a visit as it has been used houses a number of pieces of baroque artwork. As well as possessing a rich cultural heritage, Rotterdam is also home to a number of modern diversions, including two megacinemas and a company called "The Flying Dutchman" which provides skydiving lessons and shows.

Buses to Rotterdam

via Budapest, Stadion FTC Népliget Rotterdam, Centraal Station
duration: 23:30 hrs
first: 15:30
last: 15:30
earliest: 15:00
last: 15:00
  • Budapest, Stadion FTC Népliget
  • Rotterdam, Centraal Station


18/07/2015 15:30 - 15:00 98.00 €
via Köln, Hbf Rotterdam
duration: 05:35 hrs
first: 09:00
last: 09:00
earliest: 14:35
last: 14:35
  • Köln, Hbf
  • Rotterdam


28/11/2015 09:00 - 14:35 11.32 €
28/12/2015 09:00 - 14:35 21.10 €
via Oslo Rotterdam, Centraal Station
duration: 24:15 hrs
first: 22:00
last: 22:00
earliest: 22:15
last: 22:15
  • Oslo
  • Rotterdam, Centraal Station


24/02/2016 22:00 - 22:15 111.00 €