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Buses in Italy are an affordable way to travel between cities, with a number of companies offering domestic and international bus routes. As Italy lacks a national bus service, direct inter-regional bus services are restricted to a few joint ventures that offer buses to Venice from various Italian cities. Flixbus and Megabus offer regular daily buses from Milan and a partnership between SENA, Baltour, and Eurolines provides similar services from Florence. Coaches terminate at Venezia Tronchetto Bus Station on Tronchetto Island. Passengers can then walk or take the People Mover train to the main land terminus (Stazione Autobus) of Piazzale Roma. Another option for visitors heading to the St Mark's Square area is to take a water bus (vaporetto). Buses to Venice are also available from various European destinations. National Express/Eurolines offer trips from London via Paris. Local provider ACTV offers buses to Venice from local areas including the two airports and as far afield as the Dolomites. These services terminate at the Piazzale Roma. Passengers can walk over the Calatrava Bridge to Santa Lucia Station on the Grand Canal at the Ferrovia Vaporetto landing.



Local Time 09:15
Population 270,800
Region Veneto
Languages Italian

How expensive is Venice?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Venice costs 14.9% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Venice are on average 7.8% higher than in the other cities in Italy.

Public Transport

Public transport in Venice costs around 6.7% less than the national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Venice is about 33.3% more expensive on average than in the rest of Italy.


Arriving in Venice is a truly unique experience; most visitors never tire of visiting La Serenissima. The city that drew luminaries such as Lord Byron, Wagner, and Thomas Mann is little changed over 600 years and continues to enchant with its stately villas, grand palaces, domed churches and unique waterways. Taking a vaporetto down the Grand Canal unlocks the magic of the city. Passing splendid waterside buildings all along the way, the boat arrives at one of the world’s most magical destinations - St Mark’s Square with its elaborate Doge Palace and Venetian cafes. Visitors can also take boats across the lagoon to outlying islands such as St Michele, the cemetery island, and Murano, home of the glass artists who fashion fantastically fashionable ornaments from glass of exotic hues. Another interesting boat trip is to the Lido, home of the annual Venice Film Festival.

Buses to Venice

via Madrid, Estacion Sur De Autobuses Venezia, Tronchetto
duration: 30:45 hrs
first: 09:00
last: 09:00
earliest: 15:45
last: 15:45
  • Madrid, Estacion Sur De Autobuses
  • Venezia, Tronchetto


07/12/2015 09:00 - 15:45 152.00 €
via Paris, Gallieni Porte Bagnolet Venezia, Tronchetto
duration: 19:30 hrs
first: 18:30
last: 18:30
earliest: 14:00
last: 14:00
  • Paris, Gallieni Porte Bagnolet
  • Venezia, Tronchetto


20/11/2015 18:30 - 14:00 81.00 €
via Wien Venezia, Tronchetto
duration: 08:25 hrs
first: 20:30
last: 20:30
earliest: 04:55
last: 04:55
  • Wien
  • Venezia, Tronchetto


15/11/2015 20:30 - 04:55 45.00 €
17/11/2015 20:30 - 04:55 45.00 €
03/01/2016 20:30 - 04:55 45.00 €
11/03/2016 20:30 - 04:55 45.00 €