Train Providers in Europe

Overview and Information About All National Train Providers

Train Providers in Europe

Most European train networks are owned and operated by a national rail company such as Deutsche Bahn in Germany, Renfe in Spain or Trenitalia in Italy. However, under European Union agreement, member countries will have to open their train travel marketplaces and allow competitors to offer service between destinations starting in 2019. Accordingly, the United Kingdom has already deregulated its rail infrastructure. Countries throughout Europe are constantly modernizing, expanding and improving their rail services with better intercity networks and new high-speed trains that are making train travel faster and more convenient. Most major rail providers in Europe offer a range of services and ticket types and provide service to destinations in neighbouring countries. Such international rail routes include the 186 mph AVE train from Madrid and Barcelona to Paris, the Italo service that connects Milan, Rome and Naples, and the Paris-London Eurostar line.

Major Train Providers in Europe


Operating via the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar has provided high-speed train connections between the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands for over 20 years. Eurostar trains are a popular and competitive travel option in Europe, often providing faster travel times, greater luggage allowances and more leg room than travelling by airplane. Additionally, there are almost twice as many Eurostar train connections offered between London and Paris per day as flights between the two capitals. Eurostar offers easy connections to rail providers throughout Europe including SNCF, Deutsche Bahn, and SNCB - allowing travellers to reach more rural or mountainous destinations.

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