Eurail Global Pass

If you are planning on discovering as much of Europe as possible, the Eurail Global Pass is probably the right rail pass for you.

  • Travel by train in 28 countries in Europe with just one pass
  • Variable pass validity allows you to choose the correct amount of train trips for your travel itinerary
  • Purchase your Global Pass up to 11 months in advance
  • Eurail Global Passes start from $348

Eurail Global Pass

The Eurail Global Pass simplifies the classic Europe Trip. If you’re planning on visiting multiple European destinations in a short period of time or just want to avoid some of the meticulous planning these Europe trips require- the Eurail Global Pass is the rail pass for you. The Eurail Global Pass is perhaps at its best when you’re exploring Europe a little bit more slowly. Take a leisurely trip through the French and Italian countryside with nothing more than your pass as a guide. Give yourself the time you need to fall in love with Carcassone without worrying about changing your tickets or making new reservations. No matter whether your Europe trip is a whirlwind of capital cities or a winding trip through Scandinavia, the Eurail Global pass gives you the freedom to explore Europe at your own pace without the stress of a rigid itinerary.

A Global Pass will take you to 28 European countries including: Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey.


Suggested Itineraries for Eurail Global Passes

The Grand Tour

'The Grand Tour' is the ideal Europe trip for first-time travelers in Europe with a Eurail Global Pass. This month-long itinerary allows travelers to journey through 13 cities spread across 7 countries. From Paris' warm baguettes to Berlin's boisterous club scene the Eurail Global Pass is the ultimate passport for doing your 'Grand Tour' by train.

Eurail Global Passes from $522

2 Weeks in Western Europe

Want to travel Europe this summer? Take 2 weeks this summer and tick 7 European destinations off your bucket list. The Eurail Global Pass is perfect for the occasion. From Lisbon to Barcelona to Paris to Berlin, this itinerary will expose you to a wide variety of languages and cultures in Europe. Make sure you end this trip on a weekend in order to experience Berlin's infamous night-life. With the Eurail Global Pass you can see Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin all with a single ticket.

Eurail Global Passes from $424


Eurail Global Pass: Terms & Conditions

What you should know about the Eurail Global Pass

  • The Eurail Global Pass allows you to travel by train between 28 European countries

  • Variable pass validity allows you to customize your travel itinerary. Choose between a variety of options from traveling on 5 specific days in a month to selecting 3 months of unlimited train travel

  • Eurail passes can be purchased up to 11 months ahead of time or as late as a week before you intend to travel

  • The Eurail pass is a physical document so it needs to be shipped to you. Eurail can ship passes to both European and American addresses but cannot be shipped to European train stations

  • Eurail passes must be activated at any major train station in Europe before they can be used. Alternatively, passes can be ordered "pre-activated" from Eurail if you are intending on using it to travel immediately


Other Eurail Passes

If you don't have the time to visit that many European countries or simply want to visit a specific part of Europe there are alternatives to the Eurail Global Pass. Eurail offers a lot more pass types and travel options to discover Europe in one trip. You can choose to travel between 2, 3 or 4 bordering countries with a Eurail Select Pass or just a single country with the Eurail One Country Pass. You can also read more about Eurail passes in general below.