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Florence to Milan Train Information

Trains arrive inMilan
Trains depart fromFlorence
Distance249 km

Quick Guide: Trains from Florence to Milan

Average Price: $46
Trains per day: ~50
Transfers: Direct, Bologna
Average Time: 1:50
Fastest Route: 1:40
Slowest Route: 4:34

Trains from Florence to Milan: Journey Details

Trains in Italy are an efficient way to travel between cities, with a number of companies offering domestic and international train routes. Florence and Milan may be 300 kilometers apart, but trains between these two great Italian destinations are quick and convenient. Travelers can choose between services provided by Italo and Trenitalia - with the earliest departure time at 6:50 a.m. and the final train of the day departing Florence Santa Maria Novella at 1:47 a.m. So there will always be a time slot to suit your schedule. Most trains run straight to Milan with no changes, and the journey can take as little as 1 hour 40 minutes.

Florence to Milan trains: Not what you're looking for?

Return trains from Milan to Florence | Compare all modes of traveling from Florence to Milan | Or learn more about cheap trains to Milan

Florence to Milan Train Cost

Average prices for trains from Florence to Milan when you book in advance

Booking Period

Average Price

Same Day


1 Day in Advance


1 Week in Advance


2 Weeks in Advance


1 Month in Advance


3 Months in Advance


Florence to Milan Trains: General Information

  • autobus All Florence to Milan trains are run by either Trenitalia and Italo.

  • autobus All Florence to Milan trains are direct, depart from Florence's Santa Maria Novella or Campo di Marte train stations and arrive at Milano Centrale or Porta Garibaldi train station.

  • autobus Journey Time: The Florence to Milan train journey takes as little as 1 hour and 16 minutes to arrive in Milan.

  • autobus Most travelers book their Florence to Milan train tickets 1 day in advance of the travel date.

Based on GoEuro's travel data, as the table above clearly illustrates, ticket prices for Florence to Milan trains decrease the further they are booked in advance:

  • It is 11% cheaper to book a Florence to Milan train a day ahead of time rather than purchasing a ticket at the station.
  • It is 44% cheaper to book a Florence to Milan train ticket 1 week in advanced as opposed to the day you intend to travel.
  • Finally, Florence to Milan train costs are 58% cheaper when booked 1 month in advance as opposed to purchasing a train ticket the day of.


Local Time 04:30
Population 1,300,000
Region Lombardia
Languages Italian

How expensive is Milan?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Milan costs 14.6% more than in Florence.


Prices in Milan are on average 0.8% higher than in Florence.

Public Transport

Public transport in Milan costs around 25% more than in Florence.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Milan is about 6.1% more expensive than in Florence.

Taking the Train from Florence

All trains from Florence to Milan leave from the centrally located Santa Maria Novella station, so catching your express should not be a problem. Most city center hotels in Florence are within walking distance of the station (it's only 15 minutes to the cathedral square) but taxis and buses are also available if you are in a rush. More distant suburbs are also connected to Santa Maria Novella via local train services - which run from Campo di Marte and Riffredi stations and only take 5 to 10 minutes to get into town.

Getting into Milan by Train

Famous for football, fashion and its sophisticated cultural scene, Milan is confident and brash, but welcoming at the same time. Visit charming districts like Navigli with its markets and street life, head to the San Siro to watch one of the two footballing giants, or head to the city for Milan Fashion Week, when designers display their latest creations for the whole world to see. Trains from Florence to Milan all arrive at Centrale Station. The Metro is the quickest route into town (take the green or yellow lines) and there are excellent bus and tram connections as well. If you are transferring to a Paris-bound TGV, take the Metro to Porta Garibaldi - which takes about 10 minutes.