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Trains to Berlin

Trains in Germany are an effective way to travel between cities, with Deutsche Bahn offering domestic and international train routes. Trains to Berlin stop at several stations across the city, a remnant of the time Berlin was a divided city. The new main train station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof, was opened in 2006 and is where ICE regional, high-speed and international trains to Berlin now arrive. The new station is centrally located between the Friedrichstrasse and Bellevue S-Bahn stations, which provide transport across the city. The Zoologischer Station, which used to service West Berlin is now used for regional Deutsche Bahn stations, as well as being an S and U-Bahn stop. Other smaller stations in Berlin are the Sudkreuz, Ostbahnhof, Gesundbrunnen and Spandau stations, which are all connected to each other by the S-Bahn and U-Bahn networks, as well as buses, and provide a comprehensive train network which links Berlin to the rest of Germany and many European cities. Taxi ranks are located at all stations, with car rental desks at the Berlin Hpf and Zoologischer Station.



Local Time 09:11
Population 3,400,000
Region Berlin
Languages German

How expensive is Berlin?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Berlin costs 3.5% less than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Berlin are on average 0.3% higher than in the other cities in Germany.

Public Transport

Public transport in Berlin costs around 5.9% more than national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Berlin is about 2.7% more expensive on average than in the rest of Germany.


Since the Second World War and the turbulent period of the city's division into East and West, Berlin has reconstructed itself into a vibrant city, full of architecture and attractions. Medieval buildings survive near Alexanderplatz, while the area around Potsdamer Platz is home to modern office buildings of glass and steel. Brandenburger Tor is at the heart of the city, from which other areas radiate out. Built in the late 18th century, this imposing arch was modeled on the Acropolis. Berlin is full of cafes, clubs and bars, as well as beautiful palaces, such as Schloss Charlottenburg, churches, monuments and numerous art galleries and museums, while the remains of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie provide evocative reminders of the city's recent history.

Trains to Berlin

via Wien Hbf Praha, hlavní nádraží Berlin-Lichtenberg
duration: 10:36 hrs
first: 13:07
last: 13:07
earliest: 23:43
last: 23:43
  • Wien Hbf
  • Praha, hlavní nádraží
  • Berlin-Lichtenberg


20/11/2015 13:07 - 23:43 39.00 €
via Köln Hbf Berlin Hbf (tief)
duration: 04:18 hrs
first: 08:48
last: 10:48
earliest: 13:06
last: 15:06
  • Köln Hbf
  • Berlin Hbf (tief)


14/11/2015 08:48 - 13:06 85.00 €
16/11/2015 19:26 - 00:19 19.00 €
06/12/2015 22:28 - 04:22 49.00 €
13/12/2015 05:28 - 10:09 19.00 €
18/12/2015 04:29 - 09:06 19.00 €
19/12/2015 10:48 - 15:06 19.00 €
31/12/2015 15:48 - 20:09 19.00 €
04/02/2016 10:48 - 15:06 19.00 €
via Praha, hlavní nádraží Berlin Ostbahnhof Berlin-Lichtenberg
duration: 04:58 hrs
first: 18:27
last: 18:27
earliest: 23:25
last: 23:25
  • Praha, hlavní nádraží
  • Berlin Ostbahnhof
  • Berlin-Lichtenberg


21/12/2015 18:27 - 23:25 29.00 €