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Trains to The Hague

Trains in Europe are an efficient way to travel between cities, with a number of companies offering domestic and international train routes in BeNeLux. Getting to the Hague by train is easy, and the Dutch city can be accessed from a number of directions, depending on where you are coming from. Visitors catching trains to the Hague from London should take the Eurostar to Brussels and then change to an Intercity service to the Hague. From there, it's a short train ride to the Hague (Den Haag in Dutch). From Germany, catch the Eurobahn to Venlo in Holland, and then switch to the Intercity straight to the Hague. If you are coming from Hook of Holland after taking the ferry, take the Regional Sprinter service to Scheidam and then change to a service to the Hague. From Brussels, travelers can take a direct Intercity to Den Haag HS Station. The Hague has two train stations, so all visitors should check which one their service arrives in. However, Den Haag HS and Centraal stations are only a few hundred meters apart, and both are centrally located.

The Hague


Local Time 19:42
Population 474,200
Region Zuid-Holland
Languages Dutch

How expensive is The Hague?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in The Hague costs 3% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in The Hague are on average 4.8% higher than in the other cities in The Netherlands.

Public Transport

Public transport in The Hague costs around 34.6% more than national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in the Hague is about 22% less expensive on average than in the rest of the Netherlands.

The Hague

The Hague is the political capital of the Netherlands, and is famous for being the home to the International Court of Justice, but it offers more than just courts and political debating chambers. For a start, art lovers will not want to miss the Mauritshuis museum, which is home to Vermeer's masterpiece "Girl With a Pearl Earring" and "the Goldfinch" by Carel Fabritius. The Gemeentemuseum hosts a wonderful collection of works by modernist Piet Mondrian, while the Escher Museum is the world's largest collection of works by M.C. Escher. If the sun is shining, visitors taking trains to the Hague can even relax besides the sea. The Royal resort of Scheveningen is a short bus ride away and remains one of the most elegant seaside towns in Europe.

Trains to The Hague

via Köln Hbf Utrecht Centraal Den Haag Centraal
duration: 03:10 hrs
first: 10:42
last: 19:15
earliest: 13:52
last: 22:34
  • Köln Hbf
  • Utrecht Centraal
  • Den Haag Centraal


15/11/2015 10:42 - 13:52 34.00 €
06/12/2015 19:15 - 22:34 39.00 €
via Rotterdam Centraal Den Haag HS
duration: 00:19 hrs
first: 20:32
last: 00:22
earliest: 20:56
last: 00:41
  • Rotterdam Centraal
  • Den Haag HS


11/05/2016 20:32 - 20:56 4.60 €
12/05/2016 00:52 - 01:12 4.60 €
22/05/2016 07:22 - 07:41 4.60 €
23/05/2016 09:47 - 10:11 4.60 €
24/05/2016 00:22 - 00:41 4.60 €
via Rotterdam Centraal Den Haag HS
duration: 00:18 hrs
first: 11:07
last: 00:14
earliest: 11:26
last: 00:32
  • Rotterdam Centraal
  • Den Haag HS


13/05/2016 11:07 - 11:26 4.60 €
14/05/2016 13:59 - 14:17 4.60 €
15/05/2016 03:02 - 03:22 4.60 €
26/05/2016 23:52 - 00:11 4.60 €
27/05/2016 00:14 - 00:32 4.60 €
28/05/2016 00:14 - 00:32 4.60 €