European Music Festivals

The Ultimate Guide for the European 2016 Season

We're getting ready for this year's summer festivals so we thought we'd pool our expertise to make the ultimate guide to European music festivals this summer.

No matter whether you’re into intimate smaller-scale festivals, pumping techno or big international headliners, beach-side settings or inner-city day festivals, we’ve got a complete account of Europe’s diverse mix of summer festivals. Let’s first take a look at a selection of festivals broken down by category.

European Summer Music Festivals

Music festivals are now considered a staple in summer calendars across Europe. The sheer amount of festivals in Europe can make choosing the perfect one for you quite difficult. With the help of our team and some of our favorite travel bloggers, we rated and compiled 100 European music festivals into a comprehensive list that considers price, capacity, location, duration and facilities to make the decision-making​ process just a bit easier.

Price Range: 1 = less than $110 | 2 = $110 - $170 | 3 = $170 - $220 | 4 = $220 - $280 | 5 = more than $280