Travel to Venice: Cheap buses, trains and flights

About Venice

Venice is world renowned for its romantic allure, unique architecture and beautiful artistic craftsmanship. Wander through narrow, labyrinthine alleys while singing gondoliers glide by along Venice's ubiquitous canals. Also be sure to take advantage of some of the freshest seafood and finest wine in Italy after shopping for world-famous Venetian masks, silks and stained glass. Venice is a delight for the senses for everyone traveling in Italy.



Local Time 14:38
Population 270,800
Region Veneto
Languages Italian

How expensive is Venice?

An Average Meal

An average meal in a restaurant in Venice costs 14.9% more than in the rest of the country.


Prices in Venice are on average 7.8% higher than in the other cities in Italy.

Public Transport

Public transport in Venice costs around 6.7% less than national average.

A Night in a Hotel

A night in a hotel in Venice is about 20.3% less expensive on average than in the rest of Italy.

Traveling to Venice

Marco Polo airport is located 13 km from the city of Venice in a neighboring small city, Tessera. The airport provides flights from both traditional and low-budget airlines, these include easyJet, Iberia, Alitalia, Air France, Brussels Airlines and British Airways. It is possible to access Venice city center by public transportation, which mostly consists of a variety of bus options. Line 5 and 15 of the Air Terminal service from the airport to Piazzale Roma, provided by ACTV, leaves at regular intervals throughout the day and connects the airport with the city in center in just under 30 minutes. Line 45 of ATVO flybus also provides a service connecting the two destinations.

Venezia Treviso is a small airport and there are currently only 2 airlines services from this airport, the budget airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air whose main destinations include Paris, London, Brussels and Bucharest. Venice Treviso is located 20 km from the city centre and is connected to Treviso train station by the ACTV bus line 6 and the Mestre station and Piazzale Roma by the ATVO express bus or Barzi service. Outside the airport arrivals gate, there are taxis available for passengers who wish to access the outskirts of Venice.

Santa Lucia is the only train station in Venice and is located at the western end of the canal Grande and in front of the Piazzale Roma. Trenitalia and Italo Trains operate services that connect Venice to other major Italian cities. Venezia Santa Lucia is served by water buses with 8 public lines. From Piazzale Roma terminal ATVO provides 21 public urban bus lines including night buses and 15 public extra-urban bus lines. Taxi's to the mainland are available outside the station at Piazzale Roma and motortaxi’s (speed boats) are also available at the Canal Grande exit.

Mestre is the main station that connects Venice with the Venetian Hinterland. Connections from Mestre to Santa Lucia station leave the station every 5 minutes and buses leave at regular intervals to the same station which is located closer to the city center.

Piazzale Roma is the last point where taxis, cars and buses are allowed in Venice. It is from this square, all the connections to the mainland depart. Water buses are available connecting Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto Island to the city center.

Getting Around Venice

The public transportation system in Venice consists of water buses in Venice proper and buses while on the mainland. The system is not heavily used as visitors and residents alike enjoy walking from one side of the island to the other. The main mode of transport are the Gondolas which allow you to enjoy the beautiful canals.

Cycling is not permitted in Venice and doing so will incur a fine. However, it is permitted on small neighboring islands such as S. Erasmo, Lido and Pellestrina.

Taxis and taxi boats are generally very expensive in Venice. Taxi boats are available from many docks and the price can negotiable. * Base Minimum Fare: €13 + €1.80 per minute.

Venice is a city made for pedestrians since walking is the only option to reach most of the city's attractions.

Popular Journeys to Venice

via München, ZOB Venezia, Tronchetto
duration: 07:00 hrs
first: 07:10
last: 07:10
earliest: 14:10
last: 14:10
  • München, ZOB
  • Venezia, Tronchetto


14/11/2015 07:10 - 14:10 33.50 €
15/11/2015 07:10 - 14:10 25.00 €
16/11/2015 07:10 - 14:10 25.00 €
25/11/2015 07:10 - 14:10 25.00 €
30/11/2015 07:10 - 14:10 25.00 €
via München Hbf Venezia Santa Lucia
duration: 06:32 hrs
first: 11:38
last: 11:38
earliest: 18:10
last: 18:10
  • München Hbf
  • Venezia Santa Lucia


15/12/2015 11:38 - 18:10 49.00 €
via Munich Venezia Marco Polo
duration: 00:55 hrs
first: 09:00
last: 09:15
earliest: 11:30
last: 11:45
  • Munich
  • Venezia Marco Polo


11/05/2016 09:00 - 11:30 91.11 €
15/05/2016 15:35 - 16:35 91.00 €
16/05/2016 21:40 - 22:35 64.09 €
17/05/2016 09:00 - 11:30 60.95 €
18/05/2016 09:00 - 11:30 32.00 €
19/05/2016 09:15 - 11:45 53.00 €
via Berlin, Südkreuz Bahnhof München, ZOB Venezia, Tronchetto
duration: 19:20 hrs
first: 19:15
last: 19:15
earliest: 14:35
last: 14:35
  • Berlin, Südkreuz Bahnhof
  • München, ZOB
  • Venezia, Tronchetto


11/05/2016 19:15 - 14:35 47.00 €
17/05/2016 19:15 - 14:35 47.00 €
20/05/2016 19:15 - 14:35 47.00 €
23/05/2016 19:15 - 14:35 47.00 €
27/05/2016 19:15 - 14:35 55.50 €
via Berlin Hbf Hannover Hbf München Hbf Venezia Santa Lucia
duration: 18:26 hrs
first: 23:44
last: 23:44
earliest: 18:10
last: 18:10
  • Berlin Hbf
  • Hannover Hbf
  • München Hbf
  • Venezia Santa Lucia


30/01/2016 23:44 - 18:10 59.00 €
via Berlin Schönefeld Venezia Treviso
duration: 01:35 hrs
first: 14:45
last: 14:45
earliest: 16:20
last: 16:20
  • Berlin Schönefeld
  • Venezia Treviso


17/05/2016 14:45 - 16:20 32.97 €
via Edinburgh Brussels Venezia Marco Polo
duration: 07:15 hrs
first: 14:30
last: 14:30
earliest: 22:45
last: 22:45
  • Edinburgh
  • Brussels
  • Venezia Marco Polo


05/05/2016 14:30 - 22:45 132.53 €