Obsessed with travel photography and want to know what the latest travel trends are? Look no further. As proud sponsors of the EyeEm Photography Festival & Awards we at GoEuro had the pleasure of hearing expert advice.

Top 5 Travel Photography Trends

Photo credit – EyeEm

From each end of the creative spectrum, from a Conceptual Artist to a Gif Artist, with famous photographers and editors in between

Just before the stroke of 12:30pm, the crowd of blossoming photographers began descending into the red curtains and took their seat in the regal theater of Heimathafen, Berlin. Situated in the neighborhood of Neukölln, a hub for the bohemian lifestyle, the pinnacle of Berlin’s gritty-yet-chic reputation, it was the perfect location for such an event.

The keynote speakers would reveal their inspiration, personal experiences and worldly advice with the crowd in front of them. The best advice we brought home? Check it out below.

5. First person adventure is a developing trend

Think about it. Over the past two years, how often have you seen an increasing number of photos, with someone holding something at arm’s length with a blurred background?

top 5 travel photography trends

Photo credit – EyeEm

Jacqueline Bourke (Senior Manager, Creative Insights & Planning at Getty Images) claims their sales for this kind of image in the travel section has become a favorite for image buyers. More excuses for a solo trip around the globe if you ask us. Why not try a trip around Europe?

4. “The best camera is the one that’s with you” – Chase Jarvis, award-winning American photographer, director, artist, and entrepreneur

It made sound cheesy, but in a way, Chase is right. When it comes to photography, it’s your perspective, your eyes and your mind which decide what makes the best photo. But you need to keep shooting, keep capturing moments and keep getting involved to get the best photos you can.

3. Pastel colors are in

Want to make your photo feed pop? Pastel pink, blues and greens are one of the best selling colors on EyeEm. Why? Because they hold a soft feel and positive feel, which appeals to the summer season. We won’t be surprised if we see a lot more pastel oranges and yellows as the fall season begins.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 7.00.42 PM

Photo credit – @lizuesai

The perfect destination for fall pictures? On our recent Facebook poll, the public voted Amsterdam as the prettiest destination for the autumn season!

2. Collaboration should happen more often 

A key theme through the entire festival was the impact of social media on photography. Togetherness is popular, and as social media connects us, it offers us the chance to communicate more than ever before.

top 5 travel photography trends

Photo credit – EyeEm

So why not reach out to people on your next adventure? Wherever you’re staying you can use meet up sites or social platforms to collaborate and come up with new content!

1. Storytelling is the king of trends

The impact of those who exchange stories either through the captions or through the photos themselves have a higher impact than unconnected assortment of content.

Going on a trip? Show your story. From what you did to pass time in the departures lounge, to your first experience of somewhere new or insider tip of somewhere you’ve been.


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