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International Bus Journeys to Germany

Germany benefits from an extensive and impressive road network throughout the entire country, making bus travel a common and often uncomplicated way to travel. Bus travel in Germany is also a great way to tour the many regions while having the chance to view the varying landscape found across the country - from the coasts in the North, to the Black Forest as well as through the riverlands and Alps.

Doing a Tour of Germany? Here are our most popular bus routes

Popular Bus Journeys in Germany

The most popular journeys for bus travel in Germany are between many of the major cities. Cities like Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dresden, Düsseldorf and Munich all have regular bus services connecting them between each other, as well as closer cities and towns. A day trip from Berlin to Dresden is easily done by bus in a few hours, and rides through much of the eastern countryside. You can also travel from Frankfurt, one of Germany’s largest cities and a frequent transportation hub, to Heidelberg with daily direct buses to put you on the doorstep of the Black Forest.

Our Most Wanted Buses in Germany

Major Bus Providers in Germany

There are a number of bus providers operating in Germany and some of the major ones include Flixbus, Deinbus, Eurolines, and Postbus. For bus journeys starting in or ending up in Berlin, Berlin Linien Bus offers routes to a great number of destinations across Germany. Many of these providers run regular services with a set timetable, and a few also offer destinations across borders to neighboring countries. Most of the bus providers offer a range of services and facilities including WiFi and electrical outlets, comfortable and adjustable seating, air conditioning, concierge services offering beverages and food, and toilet facilities. Some providers allow for oversize luggage and bicycles as well, but this can vary and often requires pre-booking.

Facilities & Services for Major Bus Companies

Many companies operate modern fleets with comfortable, reclining seats, wifi and air-conditioning. Compare the services available.

Further facilities and services may vary according to the transport company and country of operation.

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