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Trenitalia tickets can be purchased directly with GoEuro

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Trenitalia promotion: Special "2 for 1" deal this Spring

Spring has just begun! Enjoy this special time of the year and discover wonderful Italian cities by train. With the Trenitalia "Speciale 2x1" promotion, two people can travel by train in Italy by paying the price of just one ticket! From 21st to 26th April you can travel on a train in Italy with your partner or your friend by paying one single Base fare ticket. The promotion is valid on all high-speed Freccia trains (frecciarossa, frecciargento and frecciabianca) for first and second class tickets. The promotion does not apply to Executive service level and couchette, WL and Excelsior services. "Speciale 2x1" tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable and apply to a limited number of seats. This spring, don’t miss this opportunity to discover Italy by train and book your ticket with GoEuro.

About Trenitalia

Founded in 2000, Trenitalia is Italy's main train company. Trenitalia operates both short and long-distance trains which travel over Italy's 16,000 kilometers of train lines. Trenitalia operates both high-speed and regular trains which travel from the north of Italy to islands in the south. Trenitalia's high-speed trains run on special railway track optimized for trains traveling at 300 km/h between major cities in Italy like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, and Naples. Alternatively, Trenitalia cooperates with local train companies in multiple Italian regions to service most smaller cities. Trenitalia also collaborates with SNCF and Thello to offer service to destinations in France.

Book your Trenitalia Ticket with GoEuro

The first step of traveling with Trenitalia is by booking your train ticket. Where should you book your ticket, online on the company's website or directly at the train station in Italy? How cheap are Trenitalia tickets?

  • Online booking: You can book your e-ticket online directly on GoEuro or the website of the train company. To buy your Trenitalia ticket in English, and to compare over 300 train and bus companies on the GoEuro app.

  • Purchase tickets at the train station: You can also buy your ticket directly at one of Italy's many train stations. You can buy your ticket at one of the station's sales offices, in advance or directly on the same day. In general, it is more advantageous to buy your ticket in advance.

  • Printing e-tickets at the station: Some electronic tickets must be printed on the automatic terminals, be careful when booking online. With GoEuro, you will not need to print your e-ticket and you can travel by train directly to Italy with your phone. To collect your tickets in the automatic stations, you must bring your reservation code received by mail. You can also buy your tickets directly at the stations at the automatic stations until 5 minutes before the departure of the train. Payment is made by cash or credit card.


Download the App

You can purchase, recieve, and use Trenitalia train tickets on your mobile device when you book with the GoEuro App. No printing tickets or paper required! You can view your Trenitalia ticket on your mobile device even when not connected to the internet.

Trenitalia Train Times, Tickets, and Reservations

GoEuro lets you travel on Trenitalia trains to destinations in Italy and France. With the GoEuro travel search engine, you can check all trains between any two cities in Italy. GoEuro lets you compare Trenitalia trains with other train companies (as well as buses and flights) to find the best way to travel depending on the time of departure and/or arrival, ticket price, and total required travel time. GoEuro offers onsite booking of Trenitalia train tickets in English as well as English language customer service.

When should you book your Trenitalia ticket?

While you might get lucky and find a last-minute budget airline ticket from Italy, the train offers a quick and more convenient alternative (when you factor in check-in and time spent at the airport). Travelers can offset some of the cost of Trenitalia train tickets by planning ahead and booking tickets as far in advance as possible.

Routes Today 1 day in advance 1 week in advance 2 weeks in advance 3 weeks in advance 1 month in advance
Milan to Rome trains €91 €91 €71 €62 €58 €57
Rome to Florence trains €41 €42 €34 €27 €27 €21
Milan to Venice trains €49 €52 €45 €37 €38 €33
Rome to Venice trains €88 €91 €62 €52 €50 €51
Naples to Milan trains €99 €102 €69 €63 €69 €61
Turin to Rome trains €92 €96 €78 €76 €72 €64
Florence to Milan trains €57 €55 €38 €39 €33 €33
Milan to Paris trains €123 €106 €94 €104 €74 €73

Purchase Trenitalia Tickets with PayPal!

GoEuro now accepts PayPal! You can also purchase Trenitalia tickets on GoEuro via credit or debit card.

MINI and SMART rates for traveling to Switzerland and France

Using GoEuro, you can take advantage of Trenitalia train discounts for traveling to destinations in Switzerland and France:

  • MINI PRICES: Travel by train in Switzerland from €9! MINI train tickets allow you to travel to Lugano, Bellinzona, and Lucerne for as little as €9 by booking a second-class ticket up to 21 days before departure. MINI train tickets also allow travelers to reach Geneva, Bern, and Basel with a second-class ticket for as little as €19.
  • SMART PRICES: Travel by train in Switzerland from €19! SMART train tickets to Lugano, Bellinzona, Lucerne, and Zurich can be purchased for as little as €19 up to 14 days before departure.
  • MINI GROUP: Perfect for traveling to France in a group! Receive 20-50% off of Trenitalia train tickets to Nice and Marseille while traveling in groups of 2-5 people.

All MINI, SMART, and MINI GROUP Trenitalia train tickets can now be purchased on GoEuro.

High-Speed Trains in Italy - Trenitalia Frecciarossa and Frecciargento Train Routes

Trenitalia operates 2 different types of high-speed trains. Trenitalia Frecciarossa trains (represented by the red lines on the map below) and Trenitalia Frecciargento trains (represented by the orange lines on the map below). The maximum speed on the Italian train network is 300 km/h which is reduced to 280 km/h in some areas. Italy has started a process of fully modernizing its rail lines for high-speed trains. Check out our high-speed train ranking to learn more about high-speed trains in Italy, Europe, and around the world.

All rights reserved. You can share the high-speed Trenitalia map, but you must credit GoEuro.



Trenitalia offers more than 90,000 train routes, the most popular of which use high-speed trains to connect major Italian cities like Milan, Rome, Turin, Naples, Venice, Bologna, and Florence. The train that connects Italy with France, from Milan to Paris, is also very popular with travelers in Europe. The GoEuro search engine lets you check Trenitalia train schedules and ticket prices and book them directly on your phone or desktop.


Trenitalia's main train stations

Stazione di Roma Termini

Roma Termini recieves 480,000 people per day.

Stazione di Milano Centrale

Milano Centrale recieves 320,000 travelers per day.

Stazione di Torino Porta Nuova

Turin Porta Nuova recieves 190,000 passengers per day.

  • Luggage Storage
  • Lost and Found
  • Ticket counters
  • Waiting room
  • Washrooms
  • Shops
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Banks and currency exchanges
  • First-aid stations
  • Security station
  • Interchange with city transport
  • Post office (except Turin Porta Nuova)

In Milano Centrale, Roma Termini, and Florence's Santa Maria Novella train stations, travelers must have their ticket barcode scanned by the boarding agent at the gate before boarding. This pre-boarding process is a new initiative to improve the quality of service and increase passenger safety while traveling by train in Italy.

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Trenitalia Train Types

Frecciarossa are the fastest type of Trenitalia train, reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h. Traditional Frecciarossa trains, known as ETR 500, connect 15 cities in Italy including Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence, Naples, and Turin. Frecciarossa 1000 trains travel the Naples-Rome-Milan-Turin route 28 times per day. Frecciarossa 1000 trains are capable of traveling up to 360 km/h; however, Italian rails will not currently accomodate trains traveling at these speeds. All Trenitalia Frecciarossa trains feature WiFi connection, power outlets, air conditioning, washrooms, luggage storage, restaurant and bar services.
Frecciargento are the second fastest type of Trenitalia train, reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h. Frecciargento trains travel between Rome and both the northeast and southeast of Italy numerous times per day. Frecciargento trains feature WiFi access, power outlets at every seat, air conditioning, luggage storage, washrooms, a dining car, and seats reserved for the disabled.
Frecciabianca are the third fastest type of Trenitalia train, also reaching speeds of up to 250 km/h. Many Frecciabianca trains are Trenitalia Intercity trains which have been repurposed for high-speed travel. Frecciabianca trains travel between numerous Italian cities including Milan, Turin, Genoa, Udine, Trieste, Venice, and numerous locations in the Adriatic coast. Frecciabianca runs approximately 86 trains per day, including the Milan-Ancona line. Frecciabianca trains feature spacious seats, power outlets at every seat, washrooms, luggage space, and seats reserved for the disabled.
Intercity trains are slower than high-speed Trenitalia trains, while still being faster than local transport trains. Trenitalia's Intercity trains connect approximately 200 large and medium sized cities throughout Italy. Intercity trains are equipped with air conditioning, washrooms, and some seats reserved for disabled travelers. Intercity Night trains travel overnight and connect cities in Italy which are located very far away from each other. Alternatively, regional trains are local trains frequented by business commuters and students. Regional trains travel to all of Italy's smaller regions. Italy's local transport network is operated in agreement with local companies.

GoEuro lets you book your ticket for all Trenitalia train types.

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Trenitalia Tickets, Discounts, and Rebates

Prices of Trenitalia tickets vary depending on the route and the chosen train. Children under the age of 4 travel for free with an adult but are not entitled to a seat. Children under the age of 15 receive between 30-50% off the adult ticket price depending on the type of train and the route.

Trenitalia offers 3 types of train tickets:
  • Basic Ticket: for travelers who need flexibility. Travelers can change the ticket as many times as they desire.
  • Economy: for travelers looking for savings and flexibility. Economy tickets can be purchased up to two days before departure and can be changed only once.
  • Super Economy: for travelers looking for the lowest prices. Super Economy tickets can be purchased up to two days prior to departure but are not able to be changed.
You can find and take advantage of all these offers while purchasing Trenitalia tickets with GoEuro:
  • Free Children: Children under the age of 15 can travel for free while traveling with an adult who has purchased a Basic Trenitalia ticket. This discount applies to families or groups of 2-5 people with at least one adult. This offer is valid for Trenitalia's AR and Intercity trains and can be arranged up to two days before the departure date.
  • Frecce Daytrip: This offer allows people to travel and return the same day on board Trenitalia Frecce trains (known as "Arrows") for fixed prices: second class with business level for €69; first class with business level for €89; second class with standard level for €109; €149 first class and business level; €79 and €129 Premium level; €159 and €259 Executive level.
  • 2 for 1 Saturday Special: This offer allows 2 people to travel on Trenitalia trains for the price of 1 on Saturdays. This offer is not valid for Regional trains. This offer cannot be changed or refunded. Tickets can be purchased up to two days before departure.
  • CartaFRECCIA: CartaFRECCIA is Trenitalia's loyalty program that allows members to collect points by traveling on Trenitalia trains. These loyalty points can be redeemed for discounts, free tickets, and other products.
  • CartaFRECCIA Special: CartaFRECCIA Special is a special offer available to CartaFRECCIA members, which allows you purchase Frecce or Intercity train tickets which travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for half price two days before departure.

Trenitalia Train Amenities


Travelers can bring their bikes on board Trenitalia trains for free, provided the bike is disassembled and placed in a bag or folded closed. Passengers can bring a bicycle on board Regional Trenitalia trains provided it does not discomfort other passengers and is no larger than 110x80x40 cm. Special train compartments bearing the bicycle symbol accept assembled bikes for a small additional fee.


It is free to bring cats and other small pets on Trenitalia trains, provided they are transported in a carrying case or crate no larger than 70x50x30 cm. Larger dogs may travel with their owner for an additional fee provided they are muzzled and leashed. Dogs are prohibited on Regional Trenitalia trains during the morning rush hour from 7:00-9:00 a.m. Seeing-eye dogs for the visually impaired are exempted from all fees and restrictions.


Traveling with luggage is free on all Trenitalia trains. However, luggage must fit in the designated space and not disturb the other passengers or obstruct the train employees.

More information about trains in Italy

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