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Deciding on the right location and way to travel in Europe can often be an arduous task, especially given the number of different options at your disposal. Should you take the train through Italy or fly between Paris and the French Riviera? No matter if you want to take it easy and relax in a single location or tick off 12 countries as you travel across the continent, GoEuro's here to help you perfect your European travel plans!

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Most Popular European Countries this Summer

Here are the top 10 most searched European Countries for summer travel

1. United Kingdom 6. Netherlands
2. Italy 7. Austria
3. France 8. Belgium
4. Spain 9. Ireland
5. Germany 10. Switzerland

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See the best of Europe

Travel to Italy

With over 3000 years of history and culture to discover it's no wonder that Italy is the most popular country in Europe for Americans to visit. From the Colosseum to the city's world-famous aqueducts, Rome is filled with Imperial architecture, while Florence hosts many of the Renaissance's artistic masterpieces including Michelangelo's statue of David. For those looking for a taste of Italy, Sicily's seafood, Naples' pizza, and Bologna's pasta cannot be missed.

Best Time: Spring and Summer
Top Cities: Rome, Venice and Florence


Travel to Spain

Besides tapas, bullfighting, flamenco and salsa, Spain is also known for its sandy Mediterranean beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Travelers to Spain can visit famous art galleries and museums in Madrid, run with the bulls in Pamplona, explore the Moorish architecture of the Alhambra in Granada or discover some of the world's best beaches in Barcelona.

Best Time: Spring
Top Cities: Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia


Travel to France

From the French Riviera's idyllic Mediterranean coastline to the snow-capped​ Alps, France is a diverse country with a landscape full of breathtaking cities, majestic rivers, and stunning castles. Visitors can partake in France's world-famous art, food and fashion. No matter if it's your first visit or your fiftieth, France is so full of cultural marvels that it will be sure to delight travelers both young and old.

Best Time: Spring, Summer or Fall
Top Cities: Paris, Nice and Lyon

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Plan your Europe Trip

No matter if you've just graduated from college or are just taking a summer vacation across the pond, taking a multi-city Europe trip is a rite of passage for many American students. There are so many fantastic European destinations it can often be difficult to decide exactly where you want to spend your precious vacation time. As such, a properly planned travel itinerary is essential for using your time and money effectively while in Europe.

Planning a Europe trip itinerary is time-consuming and can initially seem a daunting task. Whether you're trying to figure out how to plan a European backpacking tour or just looking for itinerary inspiration while on the continent, GoEuro's got you covered with everything you need to know about planning the perfect Europe trip!

Our top Europe Trip Itineraries

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Eurail Passes

Eurail passes are a single ticket that allow the bearer to travel on almost any train in Europe. They often provide a convenient way for Americans to navigate the complexity of Europe's train networks. If you value flexibility while traveling or simply don't want to have to meticulously plan out your entire Europe trip ahead of time, a Eurail pass may be the perfect travel companion. However, the variety of options can make choosing the perfect Eurail pass a frustrating experience. Never fear, GoEuro's got you covered! Check out our comprehensive guide to learn when it makes sense to buy a Eurail pass and how to select the best type of pass for your Europe trip!

Eurail Global Pass

Travel through 28 European countries with just one rail pass

  • Most popular rail pass for long Europe trips
  • Prices start as low as $348

Eurail Select Pass

Select 2, 3 or 4 bordering European countries to travel through

  • Most popular rail pass for 1-2 week trips
  • Prices start as low as $151

Eurail One Country Pass

Travel by train in a single European country

  • Most popular rail pass for short trips
  • Prices start as low as $70

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