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Travel to Germany

Germany is a land that is culturally and geographically diverse. The spectacular Rhine Valley and the Black Forest plus vibrant cities and quaint historic attractions are all part of its charm. The country is an excellent choice at any time of year and the climate is moderate with warm summers and cool to cold winters. Travel prices don't fluctuate greatly but good deals can be found on flights and accommodation at most times. Germans are friendly in general, although their good manners and direct nature can sometimes be mistaken for aloofness. The local currency is the Euro and 1 US dollar is worth approximately EU 0.90.

Day Trips in Germany

If you're heading to one of Germany's big cities and want to explore the surrounding areas then take a look our helpful map, below, that has suggestions for cheap and easy day trip around Germany.

The journey prices were taken on on the 7th November 2017 for a one way ticket one month in advance of the trip. The prices may be subject to change.

The prices were taken on the 21st November 2017 originally in euros and converted into the applicable currencies for each country.

Many tourists travel to Germany for the annual beer festival (Oktoberfest) in Bavaria each autumn or for the yearly festival along the famous German wine route in Bad Durkheim or Bockenheim. The North Sea and Baltic coasts are delightful in summer while ski resorts like Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Oberstdorf attract sports lovers in winter. From northern cities like Hamburg with it famous red light district and Bremen with its picturesque Hanseatic buildings to western destinations like Frankfurt, the financial capital of Europe, German cities are vibrant and exciting. Travel to Cologne to see the cathedral or explore the sights and attractions of Berlin and Dresden in the east. Other notable destinations include Dusseldorf, Bremen, Hannover and Nuremberg.

Doing a tour of Germany? Here are our most popular travel routes


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