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Travel to the United Kingdom

From Land's End to John O'Groats the United Kingdom is full of wonderful scenery, fascinating history and cultural activities, which range from zoos and aquariums, to museums and art galleries, shopping to theater. For warmest and driest weather, it's best to visit during the Summer months of late June to early September, although the United Kingdom rarely experiences extreme weather. The cheapest times to travel to the UK are the off-seasons from November to Christmas and from after Christmas to Easter. School holiday periods are always more expensive. The UK currency is pounds sterling, which fluctuates against the US dollar. As with all currency purchases it pays to shop around, or even purchase online.

The huge and cosmopolitan city of London is the highlight of any visit to the United Kingdom, especially for first-time visitors, but regional cities, national parks and stunning coastlines are all big attractions across the country. Exeter, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge are just a few highlights of southern England, while Durham, Leeds, York and Edinburgh are popular destinations to the north of the United Kingdom. Wales has historic towns, such as St. David's, Caernarfon, Cardiff and Harlech. Beautiful beach resorts surrounds the UK, while the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire Moors, New Forest and Snowdonia National Park are just a few areas in the country's with outstanding natural beauty.

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